GNSI presenters and workshop instructors come from various background and cover many areas of expertise from art education to scientific communication.

More biographies will be added as they are confirmed.

Questions? Contact the Program Coordinators or the Workshop Coordinator.

©2006, Angela Leed

Karen Ackoff

8 hour full-day workshop
Panelist for panel discussion/Short Talks
Demonstration at technique showcase

Karen Ackoff has a BFA in Illustration from the Philadelphia College of Art (1977) and an MFA in Medical Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology (1985). From 1987-1997, she worked as Scientific Illustrator at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. From 1997-2013, she was Professor of Fine Arts at the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts at Indiana University South Bend, and was Program Director of Graphic Design. She continues to conduct workshops, exhibit, write, and make art.

JJ Apodaca

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

JJ is a professor of conservation biology at Warren Wilson College. He has a PhD in evolutionary and conservation biology from the University of Alabama. His interests include combining genetics techniques with spatial ecology to inform the management of endangered species and using geographic information systems (GIS) to identify priority areas for the conservation and restoration. He has been conducting conservation-based research for 15 years, focusing on imperiled species and habitats in the southeastern US. He has worked on a variety of species, but specializes in the endemic and imperiled amphibians and reptiles of the southeastern United States.

Paul J. Bartels

Lecture Presentation (2 hours)

Paul Bartels is a professor of biology at Warren Wilson College. He studies invertebrate zoology with interests in coral reef ecology and meiobenthology, the study of the microscopic fauna living in moist sediments everywhere on earth. He and his students have discovered over 20 new species of tardigrades, or water bears, which require photomicroscopy and virtual "camera lucida" drawings.

©2016 Kevin Miller

Sally J. Bensusen

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Sally Bensusen is a seasoned scientific illustrator, educational trainer and former astronomer. Based on her art and science backgrounds, she works to promote the use of art in the service of science.

Sally's illustrations were commissioned regularly by the National Geographic Society, National Science Foundation, Smithsonian Magazine, Scientific American, Natural History Magazine. She currently designs and illustrates science-informative materials for NASA.

Sally received top reviews for her workshop hosted by the Smithsonian Science Education Academy for Teachers on Biodiversity, advocating the regular use of art practices as part of a STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

She continues to encourage the use of art as a tool in the science classroom to engage more students and to stimulate better learning and creative thinking.

© 2015 Marian Howard

Richard O. Bierregaard

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

After graduate school, Rob Bierregaard spent 8 years in Amazonian Brazil, leading a large-scale study of the effects of habitat fragmentation on tropical rainforests. After 5 years working for the World Wildlife Fund and the Smithsonian Institution in DC, he taught Ornithology and Ecology at UNC-Charlotte for 18 years. During his time in Charlotte he led a 10-year study of Charlotte’s thriving suburban Barred Owl population.

Rob has been studying Ospreys since 1971. He began satellite tagging Ospreys in 2000. Since then he has followed the migration 47 adult and 56 juveniles.

Belles Journey, his first children’s book, illustrated by Kate Garchinsky, tells the story of a young Osprey’s first migration to South America and back, It is scheduled for release in 2018 (Charlesbridge Publishing).


Liz Bradford

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Liz Bradford is a scientific illustrator based in Raleigh, North Carolina. After working in the publishing and environmental consulting industries, she went on to start her own illustration and design studio in 2014 - OXHIP Studio. Her clients include the National Park Service, NC State Parks, Stanford Magazine, NC Museum of Natural Sciences and many others.

Most recently she completed a commissioned painting for the U.S. National Park Service for Death Valley National Park. The primary use of the artwork is for the Death Valley National Park brochure, which will be distributed to millions of park visitors at its many entrances and visitor center over the years.

Digital rendering of a fossil bear jaw

© 2017, Keila Bredehoeft

Keila Bredehoeft

Keila is a museum technician working at the Gray Fossil Site Museum. Her background is in Cenozoic vertebrate paleontology at East Tennessee State University with a minor in fine arts and her research interests primarily include Cenozoic amphibians and carnivorans. Currently she is working on 3d digitization of the fossil specimens of the Gray Site in Tennessee but also has experience with fossil preparation, traditional molding and casting techniques, and painting replicas for museum display.

Mary Beth Bryman

Lecture Presentation (2 hours)

Mary Beth Bryman joined forces with Susan Wright in 1992 and created Wild for Life which became a non-profit in 2000.

Mary Beth has degrees in both Biology and Medical Technology. She spent many years working with horses and showed professionally for 10 years.

Quinn Burrell

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)
Demonstration at techniques showcase

Quinn Burrell grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, but accompanied her mother on fieldwork trips across the Western US, where Quinn developed a fondness for biology. She studied evolutionary anthropology and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Michigan, before moving to California to attend the CSUMB Science Illustration Program. Quinn currently resides in Chicago, IL, as artist and designer for a reproductive health game lab. She spends her days drawing condoms and animating Helper T cells, but persistently pitches games where she gets to draw bears.


Mary Ellen Carsley

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)
8 hour full-day workshop
Morning Yoga

Mary Ellen Carsley was initially a practicing architect. Later, she studied classical realistic drawing and painting techniques at the Schuler Atelier. Her illustrations have appeared in Nature Conservancy Magazine, the publications of the Smithsonian Institution, Pew Charitable Trusts and in the collections of the Library of Congress, and National Building Museum. Mary Ellen has lectured and taught at the Carnegie Institute, and Corcoran College of Art and Design. She holds degrees from Catholic University and Johns Hopkins University. She has recently completed illustrations on her eighth book and her work was honored as Best in Show for the MFA 2015 Winter Members’ Show. Currently she heads the visual arts department at Severn School near Annapolis, MD

Carsley Art Studio

©2016 Beth Page

Kefyn Catley

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Kefyn M Catley is professor of biology at Western Carolina University where he teaches and conducts research in organismal evolutionary biology and science education. He holds a PhD in arthropod systematics from Cornell and was a research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. Traveling extensively he has studied spiders on four continents, and held faculty positions at Rutgers and Vanderbilt universities. A naturalist, passionate macro photographer, and lifelong observer of the tiny creatures “that run the world” Kefyn gives seminars, talks and workshops in which he explores the hidden world of arthropods and the vital role they play in maintaining the planet’s life support systems.

Helina Chin

Helina Chin

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Helina Chin is a graphic designer at the University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP). She joined UCMP after attending the Science Illustration Program at CSUMB and internship at the Smithsonian NMNH. She likes good food, good coffee and good times.

@ucmpberkeley on twitter and Instagram

©2015, National Geographic

Daisy Chung

4 hour half-day workshop

Daisy is a scientific illustrator originally from Taiwan and New Zealand. She currently works at National Geographic in Washington, DC as a Junior Graphics Editor, where she produces graphics, animations, and art for the magazine.

Daisy holds a Graduate Certificate in Science Illustration from California State University, Monterey Bay (2015), and a BA in Biological Sciences and Visual Arts at Rice University, Houston TX. Daisy aims to make science more accessible through creating engaging visuals, and works directly with experts to communicate their research. Her work has appeared in Scientific American, National Geographic, and Trend In Immunology. Her graphics have won awards from Society for News Design and Malofiej. When not drawing, you can find Daisy hiking, climbing rocks, and finding different uses for avocados.


Carol F. Creech

Demonstration at Techniques Showcase

Carol Creech is owner of CCreech Studio, located in Ann Arbor, MI. She has a B.A. in geography and an M.I.L.S. in information and library studies. A medical librarian by trade, Carol has always had a strong interest in the natural world. As a lifelong artist and maker she enjoys working with a variety of materials, and her creations include traditional botanical and nature artwork, natural stone jewelry and handmade journals. She has recently been experimenting with different hand-stitch bindings for journals that lay flat and maximize paper usage. Carol’s formal coursework includes the core courses at the Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art and Illustration in Maryland. She has exhibited locally at Matthaei Botanical Gardens and regionally with other GNSI Great Lakes artists.


©2014 Tom Marston

Sarah Dahlinger

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Sarah is an illustrator and digital sculptor who is from Massachusetts. She loves being in nature and studying at zoos.


Paula J Ehrlich

Plenary Speaker

Paula J. Ehrlich, MP, DVM, PhD, Dip ACVS, is the President & CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, where she champions biodiversity research to inform conservation efforts, and uses pioneering educational tools and creative media to engage people in the importance of our biological heritage and to encourage a robust response to the extinction crisis. Dr. Ehrlich has more than 25 years of strategic scientific management and research expertise, and diverse academic, non-profit, and corporate leadership experience. She has been on faculty at several veterinary schools, and has held senior executive roles in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.



image credit: Shizuka Aoki

Jennifer Fairman

Panelist for panel discussion

Jennifer founded Fairman Studios in 2000. She is also Assistant Professor in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine where she previously received her MA in Medical and Biological Illustration from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Jenniferʼs background includes experience in medical and scientific illustration, 2D animation, web, interactive and graphic design. Jennifer received her BA and BS from the University of Maryland. She is a professional member of the GNSI, the AMI, and the Illustrators Club of DC. She is an AMI Fellow and the recipient of many AMI Awards of Merit, Excellence and Outstanding Achievement, a Smithsonian Womenʼs Committee Grant, James Smithson Society Fellowship, and Vesalius Trust Research Grant. Jennifer is the 1999 recipient of the Inez Demonet Award. Jennifer is currently seeking a Master of Professional Studies in the Business of Art and Design form the Maryland Institute College of Art.


Linda M Feltner

Two 4 hour half-day workshops

Linda M. Feltner is an award-winning nature artist and educator. She combines the creativity of artistic design with strict standards of scientific accuracy, into what has become her trademark. Her areas of expertise include painting and drawing, teaching national workshops, and maintaining her flourishing freelance business in interpretive illustration. Linda has instructed for the UW Scientific Illustration Certification Program, and teaches for the Art Institute-Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Linda’s aim is to provide a spark--to awaken curiosity and invite questions, to promote an appreciation for the complexity of nature and to foster a desire to protect it. She holds a Master’s of Art degree in painting and drawing. She is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation and the Society of Animal Artists.

Kate Garchinsky

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes or 2 hours)

Kate Garchinsky illustrates nature-themed children's books and educational media in her studio in the woodlands just west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2015, Kate received a fellowship from the Don and Virginia Eckelberry Endowment for nature artists at the Academy of Natural Sciences. She has used the grant to study the natural history of extinct North American birds, especially the passenger pigeon and the Carolina parakeet. Kate's first book, "The Secret Life of the Red Fox" (Laurence Pringle, Boyds Mills Press, 2017) received a starred review from School Library Journal. Most recently, Kate completed illustrations for "Belle's Journey," a narrative non-fiction chapter book about an individual osprey's first migration, written by ornithologist Rob Bierregaard (Charlesbridge, 2018). Visit her website to preview these and other projects:

Image credit: © 2016, Christopher B. Herron

Brad Gilleland

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Brad Gilleland serves as a medical illustrator for Educational Resources at the University of Georgia. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Scientific Illustration. Brad then attended the Medical College of Georgia where he received a MS in Medical Illustration. After completing an internship at the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002, he stayed on as a medical illustrator. Brad currently works on projects that include illustration, animation, interactive books, 3D printing, AR/VR, and graphic design. He also coordinates the medical illustration graduate assistants and is an adjunct professor at Augusta University (formerly the Medical College of Georgia).


Ivan Gromicho, Heno Hwang and Xavier Pita

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Ivan Gromicho, Heno Hwang and Xavier Pita and are scientific illustrators at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Ivan holds a Ms degree in Scientific Illustration from the Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciência, 2009-10, Lisbon. Heno’s education ranges from microbiology (BA. Kyungpook National University, 2005), to molecular medicine (MSc. Kyungpook National University, 2005), and includes 3D graphic design (Animatus, 2010), medical art (MSc. Dundee, 2012), and biomedical illustration (Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center). Xavier holds a Master degree in Scientific illustration (Universidade de Évora, 2013) and a degree in Civil Engineering (Instituto Superior Técnico, 2006).

Photo credit: © 2015 R. Guth

Gail Guth

Panelist for panel discussion/Short Talks

Gail has been a GNSI member and a freelance illustrator and graphic designer since 1976, specializing in botanical and zoological illustration. She has taught workshops locally (south-central Michigan) and at the GNSI conferences, participated on several panels and presentations, coordinated exhibits, and has held several GNSI Board positions, including Membership Director, Outreach, and GNSI President. She is currently co-Editor In Chief of the GNSI Journal.


Nancy R. Halliday

8 hour full-day workshop

Nancy is a founding member of the GNSI. She authored the bird illustration chapter in the GNSI Handbook and has taught many workshops at GNSI conferences. Her past employment includes positions of exhibits artist at the Smithsonian Institution and scientific illustrator at the Florida State Museum. She has produced illustrations for conservation organizations and publishers, including thirteen watercolor plates for Mammals of North America by R. Kays and D. Wilson and the report of a new species of mammal, the Olinguito, in Zookeys 324 (2013).


Gretchen Kai Halpert

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Gretchen Kai Halpert combines art, science and education. Her background includes a degree in botany, graduate studies in biological illustration, and a certificate in Scientific and Technical Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)/CE. Gretchen also worked as a cell and molecular biologist for 25 years, preparing medical illustrations on the side.

Gretchen is past-president of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, recipient of the Guild's Distinguished Service Award, and founding director of the Scientific Illustration Distance Program.

She has been enamoured by the Blaschka drawings and models since 1977 and was thrilled this year to lead tours of their work at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Nancy Hart

Demonstration at technique showcase

Nancy Hart is an Assistant Professor at Kendall College of Art and Design/Ferris State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a member of the Illustration program she teaches Watercolor techniques, Introduction to Illustration and Natural Science/Botanical Illustration. Nancy has thirty years experience in drawing, painting and sculpture/modeling. Currently, she is promoting Natural Science Illustration and connecting with community working with Grand Rapids Public Museum, John Ball Zoo, Fredrik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, and the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute.

Image credit: 2009 Holden

Molly Ozella Hoopes

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Molly Hoopes is a certified Biology teacher who has been teaching Nature and Art afterschool programs, summer camps, and homeschool programs in Mexico and the U.S. for 10 years. She likes to go hiking,write in her journal, play the violin, and take her 4 grandchildren outside to explore Nature. Molly has a one-room adobe house just outside a small village on the shores of a lake in the mountains of central Mexico. A Naturalist and certified Wilderness First Responder experienced with mental health and special needs students, Molly leads expeditions to the monarch butterfly wintering grounds to draw and paint butterflies and flowers. Her favorite medium is watercolor.

Facebook Molly O. Hoopes

LinkedIn Molly O. Hoopes


Robert Johnson

Plenary Presentation

Robert Johnson is a painter living in Western North Carolina. He sketches in the woods, taking color notes using a unique system he has developed. He teaches this system at workshops at Penland School, The N C Botanical Gardens, The NC Arboretum and other locations.

He shows his work regularly at The Blue Spiral Gallery in Asheville and has paintings in collections at Museums throughout the Southeast.

©2016 Ikumi Kayama

Ikumi Kayama

4 hour half-day workshop


Ikumi is the founder of Studio Kayama. Ikumi is currently working with surgeons and researchers to create educational illustrations on neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery procedures.

When not illustrating, she is walking about drawing, counting, and painting birds. Ikumi holds an MA in medical and biological illustration from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a BFA in scientific illustration from the University of Georgia.

Her work has appeared internationally in juried shows, exhibits, textbooks, scientific journals, presentations, and websites. Some of her clients include: Cal Tech, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Maryland Ornithological Society, and The Scientist.

She is a recipient of the Frank Netter Scholarship in medical art and is a TEDx speaker on medical and scientific illustration. Visit and say hello!

©2015 Scott Weldon

David Killpack

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes or 2 hours)

David Killpack is the Principal and Creative Director at Illumination Studios, a full-service agency specializing in enlightening visualization for scientific communication. While attending Iowa State University, he was simultaneously employed as a scientific illustrator at Engineering Animation Inc. (1998-1999). He received a BA (BPMI) from ISU in 2000 and began work as a medical illustrator at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas that same year. He served as medical illustration supervisor for a several years in the same institution before he left in 2008 to run Illumination Studios full time. He has been honored with a number of awards and recognition from the AMI, Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, National Science Foundation, Scientific American, and TEDMED.

Mark A. Klingler

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Mark A. Klingler is a freelance illustrator now residing in East Stroudsburg, PA sharing his artworks in shows, lectures and the classroom teaching. Prior to full-time for Carnegie Museum of Natural History, where he has collaborated with scientists for nearly thirty years to visually tell the unique stories of extinct prehistoric creatures, as well as depicting flora and fauna of the modern world. Among his honors are the Lanzendorf Award for Paleo-Art, a solo exhibitions at the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the State Capital of Pennsylvania, lecture at the National Archives and numerous works in publications worldwide. He enjoys presenting at GNSI Annual Conferences. He can be found gardening in the yard finding inspiration for artworks with family, Cathy and Olivia.

Jennifer Landin

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Jennifer Landin currently works as an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at North Carolina State University. She teaches general biology and interdisciplinary courses that incorporate humanities in science, promoting a holistic approach to traditional and scientific knowledge and an appreciation of nature through visual arts. Biological Illustration, a biology course created by Landin, has garnered international attention with its creative approach to teaching science.

Jennifer’s research focuses on visual communication of scientific information, especially as it relates to environmental and biodiversity issues.


©2013, Layla Lang

Layla Lang

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Layla Lang is interested in visualizing complex scientific processes and topics and taking the viewer to the world of molecules and viruses, as here especially illustrations can have a big impact on imagination and foster understanding. Layla has an extensive scientific background and specialized in molecular- and microbiology (Master of Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and has been trained as a scientific illustrator at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB). Layla not only strives to bring visual clarity to complex subjects, but hopes that her passion as an artist is apparent in her work. Layla works as an independent contractor for a wide variety of clients including publishers, scientists and pharmaceutical companies.


Rosa Loveszy

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Rosa Loveszy received her BA in Scientific Illustration at Arcadia University in 2016. Rosa has worked on illustrations for publication ranging from entomology to archaeology. While living in Philadelphia she worked with scientists at the Patrick Center for Environmental Research at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. Rosa also spends time abroad to conduct research and develope illustrations while in the field. In 2015 she spent the summer months working in Sicily at the Catacombs of Santa Lucia, an underground site in Syracuse. Among her early experiences working in archaeology she participated in fieldwork and lab analysis with archaeologists from the Museo Casa Del Sol in Segovia, Spain. Rosa currently resides in NYC where she pursues freelance work with scientists and other researchers.

Nancy Lowe

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Nancy Lowe is Director of Art + Science In the Field ( and is passionate about using art to communicate science. She studied video at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. For twenty years, she has catalyzed, curated, and secured funding for art and science collaborations… for museums, libraries, universities, meetings of academic professional organizations, and other venues. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries in the US and Europe. She has taught scientific illustration at biological field stations, universities, museums, K-12 schools, and other institutions in the US and Costa Rica. She has worked as a research technician in several research labs focusing on pollination biology, microbial symbionts of insects, and large-scale ecology. Follow her on Twitter @nancyartscience.


Diana Marques

4 hour half-day workshop

Diana Marques has a background in Biology and Scientific Illustration and has been a science illustrator and animator for over 10 years, working in a variety of scientific subjects and techniques, for museums, publishers and researchers. Her illustrations can be seen in postal stamps from the United Nations, on the walls of some of the major natural history museums and in many scientific journals. Diana is about to complete a PhD in Digital Media, studying the use of augmented reality technology and visual science communication for the future of museums, at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. Diana has been a GNSI member since 1998 and currently serves on the GNSI Board as the Outreach Director.


Dave Mauriello

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Dave Mauriello began his career in traditional media, switching to digital media in the early 90s, eventually concentrating in 3D modeling and animation. He founded Magic Animation in 1998, helped to develop the first male anatomical collection of models for Zygote, and later joined Drexel University’s Digital Media Department in 2009 as an assistant professor of Animation & VFX. In 2015 he was awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor. The focus of his research is accurate modeling and animation of anatomical subjects.

Cheryl McCutchan

Demonstration at technique showcase

Cheryl's passion and joy is communicating the beauty and complexity of science through clear, accurate illustrations and animations. Her primary goal is to use illustrations and animations for scientific education, whether that be in college classrooms, scientific symposiums, textbooks, museums, or publications for nonscientists. Cheryl's work has been used in college courses, textbooks, popular field guides, and scientific papers. Cheryl uses mostly digital techniques for her illustrations and animations. She comes from a science background and really has too many degrees to list here. She very much enjoys sipping chai, climbing all sorts of things, and talking to the flowers she finds in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.


Ron Miller

Plenary Speaker

Ron Miller is an illustrator and author living in South Boston, Virginia. Before becoming a free-lance illustrator in 1977, Miller was art director for the National Air & Space Museum's Albert Einstein Planetarium. His primary work today entails the writing and illustration of books specializing in astronomical, astronautical and science fiction subjects. His special interest is in exciting young people about science and in recent years has focussed on writing books for young adults. To date he has more than fifty titles to his credit. His work has also appeared on scores of book jackets, book interiors and in magazines such as National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Scientific American, Smithsonian, Air & Space, Sky & Telescope, Newsweek, Natural History, Discover, Geo, etc.

Miller's books include the Hugo-nominated The Grand Tour, Cycles of Fire, In the Stream of Stars, and The History of Earth.

Considered an authority on Jules Verne, Miller has acted as a consultant on Verne for Disney Imagineering and A&E's Biography series. Miller is also considered an authority on the early history of spaceflight. His The Dream Machines, a comprehensive, quarter-million-word 744-page history of manned spacecraft, was nominated for the prestigious IAF Manuscript Award and won the Booklist Editor's Choice Award. He designed a set of ten commemorative stamps for the U.S. Postal Service and has been a production illustrator for motion pictures, notably Dune and Total Recall. He has also done preproduction concepts, consultation and matte art for David Lynch, George Miller, John Ellis, UFO Films and James Cameron. His original paintings are in numerous private and public collections, including the Smithsonian Institution and the Pushkin Museum (Moscow).

Charlotte Andrea Ricker

Demonstration at techniques showcase

Charlotte Ricker has a deep love and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of nature, and she enjoys narrating its miraculous stories through illustration and the written word. She has had the privilege of creating conceptual illustrations, graphics and large-scale murals for interactive exhibits in zoos and nature preserves. She is currently working on a series of children’s books that inspires kids to explore and connect with nature, empowering them to become stewards of the land and engaged activists. Charlotte teaches botanical illustration at the Denver Botanic Gardens, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and process with others. She resides in Seattle, Washington, and can often be found exploring the world conducting research for her art.

© 2012, Connor Russell

Tiffany Miller Russell

8 hour full-day workshop
Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Tiffany Miller Russell is best known for her highly detailed, realistic, and sometimes whimsical cut paper sculptures. Her work has been exhibited in natural history and art museums, in shows such as Art and the Animal, the Coors Western Art Exhibition, Art of the Animal Kingdom, and Batrachology: Amphibians in Art.

Tiffany received the President’s Award for Sculpture and the Newcomer Award from the Society of Animal Artists, Honorable Mention and Finalist in the Artist’s Magazine, and the award for Best Three-Dimensional work in the International Paleo Art Exhibition.

Recently, she traveled abroad to Trinidad to sketch rainforest wildlife under the Don Eckelberry Scholarship award from the Society of Animal Artists.

Her work can be found online at

Kalliopi Monoyios

Demonstration at technique showcase
Lecture Presentation (50 minutes or 2 hours)

Kalliopi Monoyios works at the intersection of art and science. She began illustrating in 2001 for University of Chicago paleontologist Neil Shubin where she had the good fortune of being the first to illustrate his most famous fossil find, Tiktaalik roseae. She also collaborated on his two best-selling books: “Your Inner Fish” and “The Universe Within.” In 2011, she contributed to the debut of Scientific American’s Blog Network with the popular scienceart blog, Symbiartic. Lately, she has begun to branch out and experiment with sculpture and scienceart for a more general audience. She is the Social Media Director for the GNSI and sits on the Education Fund Committee. Look for her at the conference with her nose buried in Twitter (#nerdlife!)


Preston Barrett Montague

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Preston Montague is an artist, educator, and landscape designer who developed a passion for the natural world while growing up in the rural foothills of Virginia. Currently, he lives in Raleigh, North Carolina working on projects that encourage stronger relationships between people and their environment for the purpose of improving public health. Preston holds a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from North Carolina State University as well as bachelor’s degrees in horticulture and fine art. His latest body of work, Codex Carolinum, is a series of didactic botanical illustrations using art and storytelling to foster natural science literacy.

Image credit: 2016, Jeffry Goodrum

Margret Mueller

4 hour half-day workshop

Emphasis on life-drawing in college (long, long ago) gave Margret an appreciation for the clean and accurate line; sketching outside has helped her discover when to let go of that and get a little squiggly. The natural world is full of a mind-boggling array of weirdness and wonder---everywhere we look there is a potential drawing. Margret believes that a foundation of drawing confidently is important for just about any artistic pursuit.


Rhonda J Nass

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)
Demonstration at technique showcase

After receiving a University of Wisconsin-Madison art degree, Rhonda and her husband, Rick, began Ampersand, an illustration/design studio catering to educational, financial, editorial and medical clients. Three years later they edited clients to focus on illustration, and Rhonda began specializing in nature-related subject matter. Nass's drawings and paintings are internationally published (including Biology of Plants by Evert, Eichhorn, Raven/W.H. Freeman Publishers; Today’s Botanical Artists/ Schiffer Publishing; Vanishing Circles/Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Press; Following in the Bartram’s Footsteps/American Society of Botanical Artists; and her self-published books, Gifts from the Earth and Scratchings of a Madwoman). Work appears in museum, corporate and private collections. She also co-curates River Arts on Water Gallery, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. Nass

©2016, Christie Newman

Christie A Newman

4 hour half-day workshop

Christie Newman is an Illustration Editor and previous intern for the academic journal, Annual Reviews. Prior to working at Annual Reviews, she completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia and a Masters Certificate of Scientific Illustration from California State University Monterey Bay. She's fascinated by all modes of visual storytelling and explores them as a fine artist and designer from her home studio in Atlanta Georgia. She's particularly interested in the intersection of fine art and information graphics and the integration of writing into visual art. Her online portfolio can be viewed at


Trudy Nicholson

Demonstration at technique showcase
8 hour full-day workshop

Trudy Nicholson is a free lance illustrator with a background of many years in medical and scientific illustration. Having made the transition from medical art to what became her main interest, portraying animals in their natural world where accuracy and detail are essential, she turned exclusively to the medium of scratchboard, finding it the best way to achieve that accuracy, and also to bring contrast and drama into her work. Her work is featured in Ruth Lozner’s “Scratchboard for Illustration”. Among the numerous books that she has illustrated are Warner Shedd’s “Owls Aren’t Wise and Bats Aren’t Blind” and Carl Safina’s “The View from Lazy Point”.

She also does illustrations for the National Zoo. Her enthusiasm for scratchboard is unbounded.

Matt Patterson

Demonstration at technique showcase

Matt Patterson grew up in the small town of New Ipswich, New Hampshire. His father was a biology teacher and early on he was exposed to all types of animals. As far back as he can remember he has always had the same two interests, wildlife and art. Today things haven’t changed much. Matt is a professional illustrator and his work reflects his love for nature. Matt loves all types of wildlife but has a particular interest in reptiles and amphibians. He has a book that was just released titled The Snake and the Salamander Reptiles and Amphibians from Maine to Virginia. This is a project he had a lot of fun working on and is very excited that it is out.

Image credit: Rainey Gregg, 2013

John Pickering

Plenary Presentation

Dr. Pickering has been a naturalist since his childhood in England. He received a Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard in 1980 and has lived in Athens since 1984, where he served on the faculty in Entomology and then Ecology at the UGA for 32 years before his "retirement." He is now a Senior Research Scientist at Sam Houston State Natural History Collections in Huntsville, Texas. He co-founded the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Discover Life website, and Save All Species initiative. His passions include being outdoors, understanding species interactions, and programming computers. He gets up before dawn and enjoys taking photographs of moths and writing poems. His online album includes 230,000 photographs of nearly 2,700 species from around the world.,

2015, Reid Psaltis

Reid Psaltis

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Reid Psaltis is a freelance illustrator from Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate of the Science illustration program at California State University Monterey Bay, has worked in exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History, and now manages Magnetic North Studios, a shared art studio space in Portland. In addition to science illustration, Reid works in comics, storyboarding, animation and sculpture. He is the author of "The Order of Things" from Secret Acres and "Kingdom/Order" from Study Group comics, and is the recipient of a 2017 RACC Project Grant.

@trimetrodon (instagram)

S. Rawlins 2015

W. Scott Rawlins

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)
4 hour half-day workshop

Scott Rawlins graduated from Earlham College with a degree in biology, and holds graduate degrees in museum education and medical & biological illustration from the George Washington University and the University of Michigan respectively. Scott is a Professor at Arcadia University where he teaches scientific illustration and design. He regularly exhibits his artwork nationally and has served on the boards of the Guild as well as the American Association of Botanical Artists and the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators. His illustrations have appeared in the Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Invertebrate Biology, Acta Zoologica and Zootaxa as well as many other publications. Scott currently works as a research associate at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

Lore Ruttan

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes )

Lore taught Environmental Studies at Emory University for nine years but now prefers to express her love of nature through painting and drawing. The majority of her subjects are birds and plants native to the Appalachian Mountains. Lore’s education includes degrees in biology and ecology from the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota, and the University of California, Davis. Her training as an artist includes a certificate in botanical drawing from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and coursework in the Program in Natural Science Illustration at the University of California, Santa Cruz. For the last six years, she has run a business as an illustrator with a national clientele. She also tutors chemistry and teaches art at the Galloway School in Atlanta.


Patricia Linn Savage

4 hour half-day workshop

Patricia Savage was awarded “Best” and “Honorable Mention” in Wildlife in The Pastel Journal’s 6th Annual Pastel Top 100. She served as Artist-in-Residence in Denali National Park and expedition artist for the “1899 Harriman Expedition Retraced.” Exhibitions include the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Bell Museum of Natural History, National Geographic Society, U. S. Botanic Gardens, and Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Currently she teaches at the NC Botanical Garden’s Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate program as well as drawing classes at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC. Currently she teaches at the NC Botanical Garden’s Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate program as well as drawing classes at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC.

© 2015 Mark Gramm

Kathy Schermer-Gramm

Kathy was raised in suburban Southern California. An MA graduate of California State University, Fullerton, she has been a college art instructor, medical magazine illustrator, as well as an elementary art and nature teacher. She relocated to the rich verdant landscape of North Carolina in the 90’s where teaches in the Botanical Art and Illustration Certification Program at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens, as well as teaching botanical art at the Sawtooth School for Visual Arts and from her studio in Historic Bethania. Kathy’s work has been exhibited in The ASBA International Exhibition. Her highly detailed work focuses on textures and color shifts evident in the aging process of plants.

facebook: Kathy Schermer-Gramm Botanical Artist


Andrew Swift

8 hour full-day workshop

Andrew is a founding partner and Director of Medical Science of iSO-FORM LLC a Medical Illustration, Animation and Interactive company located in Ames Iowa (

Andrew received his BS in Biology in 1990 from Presbyterian College and in 1999 earned an MS in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia. He went on to work as an illustrator with a joint appointment in the Department of Medical Illustration and the Section of Neurosurgery.Andrew served as full-time faculty with the Medical Illustration Graduate Program from December, 2000 until 2007 and has been a Professional Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators since 2000.



Karen Teramura

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Karen Teramura is a communications and visual information specialist at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy. Her work includes all aspects of production for web, print, and large format. She has worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and taught scientific illustration at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has illustrated over 2000 species of flora and fauna and is coauthor of "Chesapeake Bay: Nature of the Estuary, A Field Guide." In 2014 she became a member of an international public outreach group preparing for the 21 August 2017 total solar eclipse.


Steve Wallace

Lecture (50 minutes)

Dr. Steven C. Wallace has been on faculty at the East Tennessee State University (ETSU) since completing his PhD at the University of Iowa in 2001. Currently, he is a Full Professor in the Department of Geosciences. In addition, he serves as a Curator at the East Tennessee State University and General Shale Brick Natural History Museum, and the Site Director of the Gray Fossil Site, Washington Co., TN. Current research interests include small carnivorans (particularly Musteloids), but also Felids, Canids, and Perissodactyls (Tapirs and Rhinos).

Brooke Weiland

4 hour half-day workshop

Brooke Weiland is a visual science communicator, seeking to render clarity from scientific complexity. Brooke has a background in biology and environmental studies. She graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay, Science Illustration Certificate Program in 2015. Brooke is currently a part-time freelance science illustrator, working with researchers to help illustrate scientific concepts and conducting print design for science conferences. Brooke is also a graduate student at University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is studying science communication, including ethics, efficacy, and the impact of visuals.

Brooke resides in Madison, Wisconsin with her fiancé, dog, and chickens. She President of the Society for Conservation Biology, Wisconsin Chapter. Brooke loves a good wood block print. In the spare moments you can find her doing yoga, and cooking.

©2009, Todd Witcher

Todd Witcher

Plenary Presentation

Todd P. Witcher is the Executive Director of Discover Life in America (DLIA). DLIA is the non-profit coordinating the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Before becoming the ED at DLIA he worked as an educator for Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville Tennessee for 16 years. Todd has an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee in Biology (1987), a Masters in Business from Lincoln Memorial University (1991), and a Masters in Education from the University of Tennessee (1997). Todd is an eighth generation Tennessean having grown up in the small town of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee where the Witcher family has lived since the late 1700’s. In his spare time Todd enjoys hiking, traveling, gardening and restoring old houses.

Terry Whitlatch

Lecture presentation

Terryl Whitlatch is one of the most recognized and internationally regarded animal and creature designers working in the Animation Industry today. Her clients include Walt Disney Feature Animation, Lucasfilm LTD., Industrial Light and Magic, Entertainment Arts, Dreamworks, and Imagination International, Inc., to name a few. As Principal Creature Designer for Star Wars--the Phantom Menace, she continues to design for the Star Wars franchise to this very day. She is also an active wildlife and paleontological reconstruction artist, as well as the author/illustrator of several titles on Creature and Animal Design.


instagram: terrylwhitlatch

Nicole M. Wong

Demonstration at technique showcase

Nicole M. Wong is a scientific artist at the American Museum of Natural History, where she photographs and illustrates fossil mammals. She has a background in wildlife and conservation biology, and is a graduate of the CSUMB Science Illustration Program. Her art has appeared in children’s books, textbooks, and periodicals, as well as in a traveling exhibit at the AMNH for which she reconstructed an ancient Roman mural. Nicole loves learning about our world’s funny and strange, lesser-known animals, and sharing their stories through her drawings.

Lindsay Wright

Lecture Presentation (50 minutes)

Lindsay Wright has been cultivating a keen observational eye since she was young, exploring nature and putting what she saw on paper. This desire for drawing realistically with scientific themes developed through schooling as Lindsay earned her degree in Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh with a minor in Biology. During school, Lindsay was a work-study student at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in the Education Department, opening many opportunities including working with paleontologist, Dr. Matthew Lamanna to reconstruct the skeleton of a new species of Titanosaur, a long-necked dinosaur. Lindsay is certified in Science Illustration from California State University, Monterey Bay and is currently living in Pittsburgh, Pa as a Freelance Artist/Illustrator.


Susan Wright

Lecture Presentation (2 hours)

Wild for Life: Center for Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc. was established as an incorporated 501(c)3 organization in 2000 by Susan Wright and Mary Beth Bryman. The goal of Wild for Life is to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife and return them to the wild. While state and federally licensed to rehabilitate both birds and mammals, Wild for Life specializes in birds of prey. Our second goal is to educate the public regarding wildlife, conservation and environmental awareness.

Susie began rehabilitating animals when she was about 8 years old when her pet cat brought home a baby rabbit. Since that time her passion has been to rehabilitate wildlife, obtaining her first state and federal permits in 1989.

Susie has degrees in both Biology and Environmental Studies.