Housing offered: Sat 6/24 - Sat 7/1

Room & Board (See below for dorm descriptions)

Option 1: Single room Sunderland; community bath $80 room + $20 food = $100/night

Option 2: Double room Sunderland; community bath $50 room + $20 food = $70/night

Option 3: Double room Schafer; suite style bath $65 room + $20 food = $85/night

2 night minimum; consecutive nights required. Price is for one person per evening. Guests are welcome to sign up for room & board with a registered attendee. Please indicate their names and preferred roommates if any.

$20 food includes: 3 meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and lunch boxes if going on field trips. Dining hall open from Sun 6/25 lunch - Sat 7/1 lunch

Warren Wilson is a small, but hilly campus. (Map of campus)

There is an incline of about 80 feet from the lowest elevation at the Warren Wilson Farm and pastures, walking up to the highest point at the Kittredge Theater and the Warren Wilson Chapel, a walk of about a half a mile. The distance to walk from Sunderland Dormitory to the Gladfelter Dining Hall is 3 minutes or less. From Schafer Dormitory takes you across the lovely WWC pedestrian bridge and about a 7-8 minute walk to the Gladfelter Dining hall, Library and Witherspoon Science Building, of course depending on how fast you may walk.

Warren Wilson College strives to be in full compliance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. If you have mobility issues, we recommend staying in Sunderland Dormitory and on the main floor.

we encourage everyone to stay on campus if possible. Some of the best networking and friendships happen in the time spent in-between conference activities, and campus living can create a communal experience you just can't get at a hotel.

The Warren Wilson Residence Halls have laundry facilities, common areas and kitchens. Each room has wireless and ethernet connections. Each room has two single beds, two closets or wardrobes, and two desks. You may need to bring a study or reading lamp, and hangers. Simple linens, towels, blankets and a pillow will be provided. See What to Pack (link: http://2017.conf.gnsi.org/travel-eat-sleep/what-pack) section for more information.

Fitness Gym & Aquatic Center

Information on facilities available here.

Facilities hours and cost coming soon

Bookstore & Post Office

Information on store available here.

Information on post office available here.

Use the following address to receive mail or packages from USPS:

Your Name


Warren Wilson College

PO Box 9000

Asheville, NC 28815

Use the following address to receive shipments from UPS or FedEx:

Your Name


Warren Wilson College

701 Warren Wilson Rd

Swannanoa, NC 28778


First come to the registration table. A select number of GNSI Conference Team Members will have cell phone number to the head of conference services at Warren Wilson.

On-Campus Emergencies:

WWC Security and Public Safety: (828) 771-3029

e-mail: publicsafety@warren-wilson.edu

Swannanoa Fire Department-Main station, 3 miles east of WWC campus

Address: 103 South Ave, Swannanoa, NC 28778

Phone:(828) 686-3335


Smoking Policy:

On central campus, the new policy designates five locations as "smoking-permitted areas," with all other areas considered non-smoking. Central campus, for the purposes of this policy, is defined as the area on the Gladfelter side of Warren Wilson Road and extends from the campus boundary beyond the Village to the Service Road. It also includes the pedestrian bridge. On other areas of campus, our old policy guidelines still apply prohibiting smoking on the college trails or within 25 feet of a building or athletic facility. Smoking continues to be prohibited inside any campus building or vehicle.

The covered smoking areas are (1) near the pedestrian bridge across from the exercise park, (2) at lower Carson parking lot, (3) adjacent to the trash shed behind Sunderland, (4) near the gravel parking lot next to Bryson, and (5) the fire pit area above the Village. For now, there are temporary tents and benches in place at these areas. As we become sure that these are the best locations, more permanent structures will be erected. If you have feedback about the placement of the structures, please direct your comments to Larry Modlin, our chief fiscal officer who also oversees facilities.

Sunderland Dormitory:

For those who need to be closer to the Gladfelter Dining Hall, the plenary talks at the Kittredge Theater, and the core conference classrooms, we recommend choosing a room in Sunderland Dormitory. You can walk to all the main activities in 3 to 5 minutes. Sunderland is also a good choice if you need air conditioning. Summer evenings in the Appalachians are generally mild enough to do without, but some folks prefer to have air conditioning. Sunderland has three floors with two wings per each floor. Each wing has a common bathroom with multiple showers, sink and stalls.


Schafer Complex

For those who prefer a suite, and don't mind a bit longer walk to the Gladfelter Dining Hall, you can choose Schafer Complex. Schafer A, B and C all face a central lawn with covered porches connecting. Each building in Schafer Court has 2 floors with 2 suites each, 4 rooms per suite, surrounding a central kitchen and common area. Each suite has a shared bathroom. Schafer Complex is a 7 to 10 minute walk from the dining hall, across the pedestrian bridge over Warren Wilson Road. Schafer does not have air conditioning, but each suite has ceiling fans. Box window fans may be available from conference services.


Off-site accommodations

The Asheville area is a very popular tourist destination, and offers many accommodation options if you don't want to stay on campus. Vacation cabin rentals, B & B's, cozy motels, camping in the mountains, or the 5 star luxury of the historic Grove Park Inn-- you can find any level of comfort and adventure you need. Early reservations are recommended.

Hotels closest to Warren Wilson Campus are about 5 miles west in east Asheville along Highway 70/Tunnel Road:

For something fun & historic further east in Black Mountain, about 10 miles:

Closest campgrounds: